How to Replace Your Laptop Screen

A laptop screen can crack at any time

Nothing can be quite as frustrating as seeing a crack or deep scratch in your laptop screen. Unlike a desktop, you cannot just get a new monitor and act as if nothing happened. The screen is an important part of your beloved laptop and changing it is not that easy. Or is it?

Repairing laptop screens is not as hard as it sounds. Laptop screen replacement is actually a simple and easy process. With the perfect combination of the right technique, the right tools, and some patience, it is possible for your laptop to look shinier once again with its new screen.

Certain manufacturers like HP, and ASUS provide the entire assembly instead of just the LED panel.

Do You Really Need Laptop Screen Replacement?

The first thing to do in hardware troubleshooting is identifying it is possible to repair the hardware or if you can just leave the damage as it is. The technician will also ensure that the rest of the hardware is working properly to make sure that replacing the screen will be worth it. It is especially true in instances when you dropped your laptop or spilled liquid on it.

If the laptop screen is only misbehaving in a way, such as flashing, flickering, showing some dead pixels, or shutting down randomly, the fault might not be with the screen itself. This is when hardware troubleshooting becomes necessary. For instance, in the case of a flickering screen, a replacement of the graphics driver might be enough to fix the issue. If the screen is shutting down randomly, it might be an issue with overheating or power setting.


The job of a technician is to determine if the one with the problem is the screen. The step might not be needed if your screen is damaged because it is obvious that it will require a replacement. However, it will still be worth it to check other parts of the laptop hardware to know if laptop screen replacement is economically viable.

If your laptop is an expensive model, most of the time, it is cheaper to have the individual hardware replaced instead of buying a new unit outright. But, more affordable laptops are often easy to replace on the budget so the choice is still yours to make.

Use a computer monitor then connect this with your laptop. You should find either an HDMI or VGA port on the side of the laptop which depends on how old your unit is. Connect this to the external monitor with the use of the right cable. Use your laptop this way for a while to check of similar symptoms happen while using the external monitor.

If the monitor is working normally, the fault is really with the screen. If the same issue occurs on the external monitor, the screen might not be the one at fault and instead, it could be an issue with the power, laptop fans, inverter or GPU.

Replacing your laptop screen is a task best left to the hands of professionals. Impact Computers can help you replace your laptop screen expertly so you can return to using it at the soonest time possible. If you already have a technician who can replace the screen for you, don’t hesitate to purchase the panel from Impact Computers. As LED technology advances, the purchase price of laptop panels drop. Impact Computers passes along these savings to you.

As an example of how low these prices can get, LP156WF5-SPA2 was a panel which once retailed for over $200! It’s now available on the site for less than $70 including their two year extended warranty. This just goes to show that replacing a cracked LCD panel doesn’t have to cost you as much as you might think it will!