Prices of SSD’S are soaring

If you haven’t noticed by now, prices of SSD’s are steadily on the rise. This is because there is a shortage on NAND flash chip memory, otherwise known as flash memory. However, it’s not only going to impact the cost of SSD’s for resale, it will also affect the notebook market.

It influences a wide swath of the IT business from cell phones and PCs whose clients are requesting always expanding measures of neighborhood storages to servers which are being designed with bigger measures of capacity to big business stockpiling sellers hoping to address the issue for all-flash storage solutions. 3D NAND chips are the future. Micron is currently developing next-gen memory technologies such as 3D NAND and 3DXPoint. We believe that laptops will continue to keep low capacity SSD drives such as the 128GB and 256GB’s and nothing larger than this.