WTB and WTS – What is it and why

You might be bombarded with several emails from different companies with the subject line that says, WTB or WTS. At first, this was a little frustrating because my initial thought was why would anyone want to do both.

Many times I wanted to hit the reply button and tell the company to just PICK A SIDE!

It later dawned on me on how this process might actually work. Any company should always buy and sell, at the end of the day, most of us are resellers.

However, there comes a chance when companies like ours receive a bulk of an opportunity deal and we would like to pass along these savings to other companies.

What better company to pass this bulk opportunity to, than to someone who is already sending these WTB and WTS lists, they can simply just add your product to their email list, and within a matter of seconds, you have now reached a larger audience to help push your product.

This is an excellent marketing strategy and I hope this article and share a little bit of insight as to how you can make those emails a new channel to push some of your obsolete inventory!